Bishop John A. Barton

Auxiliary Bishop

Bishop David D. Bent 
​Auxiliary Bishop

Bishop Willie James Campbell
Auxiliary Bishop

Bishop Leon Davis
Auxiliary Bishop

Supt. N. Cowser and Msy. A.  McElroy

Supt. Aaron Robbins and Msy. C. Sykes

 Supt. J. Lee and Msy. D. Tasker

 Supt. M. Young and Msy. M. Blake

Supt. M. West and Msy. Jessie Palmer (designee)

Supt. Jeremiah Holiday and Msy. A. Campbell

Supt. R. Davis and Msy. R. Landingham

Supt. W. Fields and Msy. S. Lumpkin

R.V. Mills  “Overseer Group 1”

District Superintendents and Missionaries 

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

Prelate & General Board Member 

Assistants to the Supervisor

 Jurisdictional Designations

Department of Music
Minister of Music Msy. K. Harris, President G. Hall

Department of Evangelism

President Benjamin Robinson, Elect Lady M. Lewis

Department of Youth

President Christopher J Patton , Chairlady, Kassandra Purham-Andrews

Department of Sunday School

Superintendent Curtis Doss , Rep. R. Forrest

Department of Missions

President Jerome Smith , Vice Pres. V. Lovelace

Pastor John Daniels III

Jurisdictional Secretary

Deacon Don Cornelius


Pastor Ron Owens
Chief Financial Officer

Mother Billie J. Thomas


Mother V. Daniels-Carter
Assistant Supervisor 

“Pursing Unchartered Dimensions through Holiness Principles and Pentecostal Manifestations”
​- Isaiah 43:10-12

Meet Our Family

Dean Damon M. Ray, Evang. R. Cardenas
Christian Education

Mother O. Hurt, Mother Eloise Perry


Sister Dorothy Smith, and Sister Elmanita McNeal


 Mrs. Hattie Daniels-Rush, and Deacon A. Reasby 

Special Projects and Public Relations

Deacon Rousey
President Ushers

Mrs. L. Sykes
President Nurses Unit

Mother Mary DeBerry

State Culinary


Jurisdictional Leadership Ministries

​Mother C. Young, Mother D. Tasker, Mother A. McElroy,

Mother C. Sykes, Lady Latoya Holiday

Msy. La Toya Wimpie

Executive Secretary 

Pastor Robb Taylor
Chairman, Pastor & Elders Council

Pastor Jeffery Coleman

Chairman, Bishop Council Chairman

Elder Devin Williams

Jurisdictional Adjutant – Interim –

Msy. Delores Thomas 
Jurisdictional Adjutant Sister 

Mrs. A. Holly
Financial Secretary 

Mr. Jason. Spencer, Ms. D. Jordan


Mr. Anthony Heard

Public Safety