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2020 Summit

From the desk of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

The jurisdictional summit offers training for the clerics, leaders and laypersons that engage in active ministry within our jurisdiction and denomination.

Many congregants are positively impacted to advance their congregational mission and mandate. Our nonpareil (having no equal) Pentecostal witness must be strategically structured and implemented to foster innovative ministry opportunities that transform communities through Godly inspired visions. Developing progressive platforms and pursuing unparalleled ministry initiatives demands pedagogical comprehensiveness, spiritual connectivity and cultural relevance.

For nearly two decades, our jurisdictional summit has successfully implemented educational and ministerial stratums that effectively delivered a plethora of empowering congregational advancements for our constituency. Nurturing an opulent Godly mission, we are inspired to enhance our global community through pro-active spiritual, societal, economical, educational and familial initiatives.

As astute Christian and community bridge builders, we compassionately and intentionally ensue developmental opportunities that utilizes faith based initiatives. Community revitalization schematics coupled with resourceful cultural rediscovery transcends contemporary barriers and diminishes negative sources that alters positive progression.

Our summit is designed to advance strategies that enables our congregations and congregants to ascend courageously to new horizons. We embrace a philosophy that, “There is nothing too hard for God”.

Sincerely Yours,

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

Prelate & General Board Member

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