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Our districts have a extensive history, that are spread out to ensure connections in various committees.  While still connecting us as one family.  The names are not simply a naming convention but each district has its own identity and team.

Bread of Life District

Superintendent Lincoln Russell Sr.

District Missionary Diane Russell

Brotherly Love District

Superintendent Raymond Davis

District Missionary Jurlean Bailey-Anderson



Superintendent Walter L. Fields Jr.

District Missionary 

Hope of Glory District

Superintendent Jeremiah Holiday

District Missionary Antoinette Campbell

Lily of the Valley District

Midway District

Superintendent Hosea L. Bates

District Missionary Sylvia Lampkins

Rose of Sharon District

Superintendent Aaron Robbins

District Missionary Lois Dawson

Wonder District

Superintendent Maurice West

District Missionary Jessie Palmer


Jurisdictional Prelate
and General Board Member

Bishop Darrell L. Hines

Bishop John A. Barton

Auxiliary Bishop
Bishop David D. Bent 
​Auxiliary Bishop


Bishop Leon Davis
Auxiliary Bishop


​Jurisdictional Secretary

Pastor Goodman


 Assistant Secretary

Elder Maurice West II


Elder Addison


Pastor Ron Owens

Chief Financial Officer 


Mother Billie J. Thomas

Jurisdictional Supervisor


Assistants To The Supervisor

Missionary Latoya Holiday

 Mother Catherine Sykes, Emeritus



Department of Music 

 President Glenn Hall

Department of Evangelism 

President Benjamin Robinson

 Elect Lady Mae Lois Lewis

Department of Youth

Chairlady Jackie Blevins

Pastor John Cotton

Department of Sunday School

Field Representative Rosetta Forrest

Department of Missions 

President Troy Hughes

Vice President Cheryl Parchia

Department of Education-


Elder Harold Bush

Men Ministries


Jurisdictional Leadership Ministries

Pastor Adrian Malone

Chief Adjutant 


Sister Doris Russ

President Ushers


Mrs. L. Brewer

President Nurses Unit

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